Minimal Maya Mug – Maya Heads


Minimal Maya Mug - Maya Heads
Minimal Maya Mug – Maya Heads
This mug represents different mayan heads and memorable glyph portraits drawn by mayan artists.
Ancient artists were highly skilled makers of pottery. Simple cooking pots and other vessels rendered simply with single color designs are symbols of this period.
Mayan ceramics are regarded with great esteem and are considered the best examples of ancient Mesoamerican pottery.
We wanted to express this ancient art through a modern, practical object, a ceramic mug.
The mayan civilization ended many years ago, but their art and culture are still with us to this day.
Each product in our collection is inspired by the intricate art, iconic sculptures and symbols drawn by ancient mayan artists with our own modern and unique touch. This is a distinctive and lively item, as it represents the beauty of the ancient culture in a stylish manner.
This mug is a combination of today’s modern minimalistic art and the ancient history of Mayan culture depicted on stelaes and ceramics.
Be unique and stand out with our Minimal Maya ceramic mug.


One of the earliest mayan ceramic type is known as Amyan and it may have originated from Guatemala.
These primarily depicted animal deities, grotesque monsters, nobles and priests, ceremonial activities, and scenes of sacrifice.
Often they were used as grave offerings in the tombs of their owners. Simpler and more utilitarian vessels were used by commoners.


  • 11 oz (350 ml)
  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • White and glossy


Clean with sponge or in dishwasher
Wear with pride and respect ancient cultures

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